“The idea is to die young, and as late as possible,” a.k.a “YOLO.”




This might have killed the mood for many of you, but I don’t mean it in the sense that it is widely used: to provoke doing stupid things and making it okay. YOLO or You Only Live Once is actually a merit of life. It is an euphemism for saying:

Live life to your fullest because you are going to die one day no matter what you do, and your existence will be dead. You won’t be able to see, feel, live, listen, smell, or even think.

I want to share my personal view about this. First, have you ever blacked out or fainted for a short period of time? Have you ever had near death experience where you ceased to exist in between? Have you ever been in a coma? If you answered yes to any of those, you should know that who you claim to be, is a certain ‘thing’ or spirit and that ‘thing’ is only attached to the body when you are conscious. It completely cuts all connections to the body when you don’t exist for a certain period of time. That ‘thing’ isn’t in existence and even though it is a good thing to believe in heaven or being re-born as a different person, we humans tend to lean towards superstitious beliefs for obvious reasons and that is a different topic.

What if you weren’t born? What if your brother was born instead of you? Would you have been in Earth, breathing, living life, reading this? Would you be EVER in existence? Probably not. So, you are only one of a kind of gazillions of other ‘things’ that will be in existence.Hence, you should take your time to live this life and do the things that you thing is important to the benefit of the other people that are in existence with you and will come to exist. You should try to be somebody by doing something great and helpful for others and the world. That way, even after you die, you won’t be forgotten. By the way, isn’t that our life’s goal anyways?

You should be more interested in people because they are only one of a kind, you should be active and do the good things in your life that you think will regret in your deathbed if you don’t do it by then. Ask out that one girl or boy that you’ve always wanted to know more about and connect to, but never thought it would be a good idea because of bla bla. What is the worst case scenario? Whatever it is, you won’t regret it as much as you will if you don’t do it at all, right? Do that thing you always wanted to do, whether it be connecting with someone, going back to school to be something, learning something new, having fun tonight instead of working hard, helping your ‘enemy’ when they are in trouble, thanking that person who was always there for you, and the list goes on. Just live your life for once, because you are one of a kind and you only got this ticket to live life once. After you lose your ticket, the theater will be booked for a while for the other audiences who will definitely enjoy the show instead of you. And it’s only worth your money if you enjoy the show fully instead of sleeping through it. Therefore, YOLO.

P.S. The quote in the title was said by Ashley, Montagu.

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Coffee: The Greatest Addiction. But is it good for you?

A lot of us drink coffee, but how much do we actually know about what we are drinking? Are those effects even positive or are negative ones that we don’t know about? Just like me, you might want to learn them, so there are a few things I listed below in an attempt to educate the coffee-drinkers like me out there. I learned most of it from this video but if you would rather read than watch, let me summarize it for you:

  • Coffee is a physiological addiction and not a psychological one. It has been proved that caffeine actually affects your brain cells(not in a bad way) and tells you to drink it more.
  • Rapid withdrawal won’t kill you. Despite of caffeine being an addiction, there is no real effect from immediate withdrawal unlike nicotine or alcohol.
  • No one has died from drinking coffee unlike heroine, cigarettes or alcohol. There is no record of death from coffee. But, even good things are bad for you if you overdose on them, as my grandma used to say, “even sugar starts tasting bitter if you eat too much of it.”
  • Caffeine is the world’s most used psychoactive drug. The world consumes 300 tons of coffee everyday- nearly 7 billion cups each day.
  • Coffee releases dopa-mine to get rid of head aches. 
  • It increases concentration and decreases fatigue. It makes you more active and gives you better memory. This has been proved in the laboratory.

Hopefully you know much more about coffee than you did before. Next time you drink a cup(or if you are drinking it now), remember that it is actually better for you in a lot of ways and be proud of being a coffee-drinker and love it. Oh wait, I think my coffee is done. I love it when the coffee is done. Good day.Image

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Abraham Lincoln: The Vampire Hunter

Ab lincoln vamp hunter

From watching Abraham Lincoln, the Vampire Hunter, I didn’t expect such a good mix of history, fiction, thriller, and romance all in a single movie. Director Bekmambetov definitely did a great job with this one. I honestly wanted to learn something after opening the CNN website after a long time and seeing a post on how deserving movies these days are doing better than the last year(or something along those lines) and the thumbnail was of the newly released movie: Abraham Lincoln, the Vampire Hunter.

Truth be told, I didn’t expect much truth from this movie as the title was already about Vampires and I think most of us know that they do not exist(or do they?) but this movie advances our mind from there to a more accepting mood and makes you think that these things might even have been possible and what if Ab was actually a vampire hunter? (You are thinking that it’s crazy to believe in a movie and that it’s a myth, but the movie does a good job in doing what any great movie or book should do- go inside the audiences’ mind and make them believe in what they didn’t believe in before they came in the movie theater or started reading the book. Isn’t that exactly what Harry Potter’s trilogy, the LOTR trilogy and many other great books and movies do? Anyways, this movie is just a must watch whether you are a fan of history, fiction, vampires, Abraham Lincoln, emancipation proclamation or simply love to sit back and enjoy a thriller, this is just the right movie for you.

How often do we get to enjoy some truly surreal movies that make us think long after the movie anyways?

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